John Carmichael's ceilidh band

John Carmichael

Skye, Bombay


John Carmichael and his Scottish Dance Band

Dance Time - CDLOC 1054

Dance Time


1. Dashing White Sergeant

•  Dashing White Sergeant

•  Redwing Polka

•  Hiya Hoedown

•  Fiddle Polka

2. Encore

•  Girl I left behind me

•  Lady Mackenzie of Coull

•  Snouts & Ears

•  French Air

3. Boston Two-step

•  Rab's Wedding (J. Kerr - Macpherson Pub.)

•  Macleod of Mull (D. Macleod - Mozart Allan)

4. Encore

•  Pipe Major Sam Scott (P. Macleod - Macpherson Pub.)

•  Julie Alexander

5. St Bernard's Waltz

•  Castles in the Air

•  Bonnie Strathyre

•  Jock O' Hazeldean

6. Encore

•  Will ye gang to Kelvingrove

•  Annie Laurie

•  Horo my Nut Brown Maiden

•  Comin' thro the Rye

7. Strip the Willow speaker

•  Let the hackles Rise (A. Rankine - MCPS)

•  Corner house jig (A. Rankine - MCPS)

•  Edmund Mackenzie (A. Rankine - MCPS)

•  The weaver and his wife (A. Rankine - MCPS)

8. Encore

•  Connaught Man's Rambles

•  Tell her I am

•  Trad. Jig

•  Sweet Biddy Daly

9. Duke of Perth

•  Duke of Perth

•  Canadian Reel

•  St. Columba's Sword

10. Encore

•  Fairy Dance

•  Collies Reel (J. Johnstone - Craighall Music)

•  Morag Alexander (J. Johnstone - Craighall Music)

•  Wicked Willie (A. Rankine - MCPS)

11. Highland Schottische speaker

•  Dr E.G. Mackinnon (Peter Macleod - Macpherson Pub.)

•  Inveresk House

12. Encore

•  Maclean of Penny Cross (Ferguson - Paterson Pub.)

•  Sprig of Ivy (Seton - Paterson Pub.)

13. Gay Gordons

•  Hunter's Hill

•  Earl of Mansfield

•  MacDonald's Awa' to the War

14. Encore

•  Macfarlane o' the Sproats

•  Bonnie Lass o' Fyvie

•  Morman Braes

•  Willie's Gaen' to Melville Castle

15. Old Time Waltz

•  Bonnie Child

•  The Days when we were young

•  Brown Haired maid

•  Mull of the mountains

16. Encore

•  My kind maid

•  Lonely am I

•  Remembering you

•  The boatman

Accordion - John Carmichael

Fiddle - Charlie Cowie

Piano - John Crawford

Bass - Eoin Miller

Drums - Billy Thom

Produced - J. Carmichael

All titles trad arr. J. Carmichael - Bulk Music Ltd, except where indicated

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