John Carmichael's ceilidh band

John Carmichael

Skye, Bombay


Carmichael's Ceilidh - CDLOC 1095

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1. Circassian Circle speaker

•  Circassian Circle

•  The Regiment

•  Reel de Grandmere

•  Bonnie Kate

2. Boston Two-step

Shufflin' Sammy (Felix Burns) M.C.P.S.

3. Highland Schottische

•  Bridge of Perth

•  Campbelltwon Kiltie Ball (John Maclennan) M.C.P.S.

•  Fiddler play the light strathspey

•  Brae's o' Mar

4. Strip the Willow

•  Kenny Gillies of Portnalong (P. MacFarquar) Paterson's Publications

•  The Jiggernaut (R. Mathieson) Isa Music

•  Barney's Jig (J. Carmichael - Bulk Music Ltd)

•  Itchy Fingers

5. Andrew's Waltz/Country Dance

•  Mingulay boat song

•  Horo my nut brown maiden

•  Mist covered mountains

•  Tocherless Lass

•  In praise of Islay

6. Polka

•  One for Charlie (J. Carmichael) Bulk Music Ltd

•  Canadian Polka

•  Mia McGilvray's Farewell (J. Carmichael) Bulk Music Ltd

7. Eva Three-step speaker

•  Glendaruel Highlanders (A. Fettes) Public Domain Work

•  Colonel Robertson (L. Beaton) Public Domain Work

•  Hills of Glenorchy

8. Dashing White Sergeant

•  Queen's Bridge

•  Graham's Breakdown (Townsend - M.S.)

•  Canadian Reel

•  Plaza Polka (Unknown) Cop Con.

9. Canadian Barn Dance

•  Jewel of 100 Years (P. Cunningham) M.C.P.S.

•  Cowal Gathering (P/M J. MacLellan) M.C.P.S.

10. Gay Gordons

•  Crossing the Alps

•  Edinburgh Castle (Scott Skinner) Bayley & Ferguson

•  Dr Morrison's seven thistles (Scott Skinner) Bayley & Ferguson

11. Encore

•  Miss Delicia Chisholm

•  Auchmountains Bonnie Glen

12. Hullighan's Jig

•  Teviot brig

•  Loch on the mountain

•  Lilting fisherman

•  Rosewood (Scott Skinner) Bayley & Ferguson

•  Drummond Castle

13. Dunoon Barn Dance

•  Colonel Maclean of Argour (J. McLellan) M.C.P.S.

•  Bret's Polka (J. Ritchie) M.C.P.S.

14. Military Two-step

The Whistler and his dog

15. Veleta Waltz

•  Black velvet waltz

•  Frisco waltz

•  Big mamou

16. The Lancers Figure 1

•  Here's to the maiden

•  The Rollicking Irishman

17. The Lancers Figure 2

•  Campdown Races

•  Polly Wolly Doodle

•  Jingle Bells (James Pierpont - Public Domain Work)

18. The Lancers Figure 3

•  The Gambolier

•  We won't go home no more

•  Billy Magee Magar

19. The Lancers Figure 4

•  Upidee

•  There's a tavern in the town

•  Marching through Georgia

20. The Lancers Figure 5

•  Hail the conquering hero comes

•  Solomon Levi

•  Come landlord fill the flowing bowl

•  D'ye ken John Peel

•  The old folk at home

•  Massa's in de cold cold ground (Stephen Foster) Public Domain Work

•  Horo my nut brown maiden

•  Riding down from Bangor

All tracks Trad arr John Carmichael - Bulk Music Ltd, except where indicated

Accordion - John Carmichael

Fiddle - Marie Fielding

Banjo - Duncan Findlay

Bass - John Sinton

Drums - Billy Thom

Piano - John Crawford

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